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The founding dentist of Aspen Denture Center is Dr. Mark J. Castle, D.D.S. He has a wealth of dental knowledge combined with over thirty years of dental experience. Dr. Castle’s experience includes: several advanced training courses in both Geneva 2000 Premium Dentures and IMTEC small diameter implants. He chose Geneva 2000 Dentures because they offer the only dentures with a truly customized appearance. This feature is a result of their unique denture teeth offered in both male and female characteristics.

Dr. Castle taught at Northern Arizona University’s Dental Hygiene Program for three years. He recently completed rotations at Yavapai County Health Centers and North Country. Dr. Castle owned and practiced at Castle Dental Group, P.C. in Glendale, Arizona from 1984 thru 2000. He also provided dental and surgery services at a denture practice in Prescott Valley from 2000-2005.

By combining the unique functions of Premium Geneva 2000 Dentures with the simple and unique placement of IMTEC implants, Dr. Castle can give patients a “life changing” experience. Take a second and imagine what it would be like to dine out with friends or family, while eating your favorite foods without the fear of your dentures slipping or falling out of your mouth.

You don’t have to be embarrassed by a fake or artificial smile just because you wear dentures. Combining the quality and the distinct cosmetic features of Geneva 2000 denture teeth, your customized dentures can look as real as natural teeth! The comfort fit of Geneva 2000 dentures combined with IMTEC mini implants allows you to eat foods you never thought possible; Peanuts, strawberries, steak and more!

Using denture adhesives, cream or powder can cause life debilitating illness. One person’s death has been determined to be from overuse of denture adhesive. Large class action law suits have been filed against the makers of Poligrip and Fixodent. View our breaking news for more information.

Denture adhesives contain high levels of Zinc which causes an unhealthy depletion of copper in your body. Copper in the correct ratio is necessary for many body functions including proper muscle and heart function.

If you are a long term user of dental adhesives, please read the information posted on our web site concerning your safety and long term health issues.

We are concerned for your overall health. Our recommendation is for all denture and partial denture patients to stop using zinc based denture adhesives immediately!

Dr. Castle is experienced in oral surgery, including extractions. Not only can Dr. Castle fabricate your new dentures and replacement teeth, he can treat your oral surgery needs and extractions, as well.

Dr. Castle takes personal pride to insure you receive a unique customization of your denture to your satisfaction prior to the delivery of your denture. He “hand sets” your denture teeth to make certain you are satisfied with your new natural looking smile.

Many factors determine your specific face and its measurements. Dr. Castle uses these measurements to determine your unique smile. This is only one of the many important features of the Premium Geneva 2000 Denture System.

Call us or stop by Aspen Denture and Wellness Center. Find out if Geneva 2000 Premium Dentures and IMTEC small diameter implants are the right combination for you.

We are conveniently located in the Wal-Mart / Bashas Shopping Center in Flagstaff, Arizona; next to the Wells Fargo Financial Office. Parking, and handicapped access located directly in front of the office.

Many hotels and restaurants are located nearby.

Aspen Denture & Wellness Center is proud to offer dental services to all of Northern Arizona. We are located just north of the junction of Interstates I-17 and I-40. We provide services for, Sedona, Cottonwood, the Verde Valley, Williams, Page and the Native American Indian Communities of the Hopi and Navajo Nations.

By the way: your first visit is on us!

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