Aspen Denture offers a variety of wellness services including:


3000 years of science in a 21st century delivery system

CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips™ use a proprietary combination of homeopathic formulas consisting of intrinsic energies that affect positive health responses. CieAura Chips have the look of simple decals on the body or clothing and are totally non-invasive, without any chemical component. When placed along sensitive acupuncture meridian points, results such as increased energy, improved stamina, deeper, more restful nights, and other assorted reactions occur, depending on the program formula of the Holographic Chip and the related placement.

CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips restore balance, allowing our body’s defenses to perform at their peak abilities and give the body renewed energy and stamina. In doing so, the best medicine for the body, the body’s own natural immune system, is working at capacity.

CieAura Chip users are reporting increased focus and concentration along with better feelings and physical abilities.

Visit: www.aspendenture.cieaura.com

BetterHealthUSA / Immno Laboratories

The Right Food May Be Wrong For You.

Are hidden food sensitivities the cause of your chronic symptoms?  A simple blood test can be the answer.

Immno Laboratories is a widely recognized as one of the leading food and environmental allergy testing facilities in the world.  Together with our BetterHealtheUSA affiliate, we offer some of the most clinically useful and effective laboratory tests in the field of allergy, immunology and nutrition.  Since 1978, we have conducted over 29 million tests.  BetterHealthUSA offers a complete nutritional program after blood testing including customized guidance and follow up via office, phone and internet.

Download this Symptom Check List [PDF] to help determine if you may benefit from this service.

“Finally, the answer to my health problems.  Eliminating reactive foods from my diet for 3 months has improved my blood pressure and energy and eliminated my indigestion and bloating.” – Eileen McQuade RDH BS

“Thanks to this diet I no longer suffer from  fatigue, mood swings, or stomach upset.  I feel better than I have felt in years.” – Mark Castle DDS

Call 928-226-7654 or click the schedule me an appointment option on our home page for more information.

Visit: www.ImmnoLabs.com and www.BetterHealthUSA.com


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