Dangers of Using Denture Cream

by admin on March 22, 2010

High Levels of Zinc Are Linked to Many Serious Neurological Injuries

Dangers of Using Denture Cream

An estimated 35 million Americans wear dentures.    Many use denture creams like Fixodent or PoliGrip to help ill fitting dentures and partial dentures stay in place.   These creams contain high levels of Zinc and have been positively linked to serious and often debilitating permanent neurologic injuries.   Common symptoms of zinc poisoning include:   paralysis, numbness, tingling of hands or feet, muscle weakness of arms or legs, loss of sensation or balance, unexpected pain or weakness, difficulty walking or gait changes, wheelchair confinement.

If you or a loved one has been suffering from any of these symptoms and has been using denture adhesives it is recommended you seek medical attention to be evaluated for zinc poisoning.

Excessive zinc can purge the body of copper, a chemical needed for normal brain and nervous system functioning.  A copper deficiency can cause anemia, weakness and numbness in arms and legs, loss of balance, difficulty in walking and eventually permanent paralysis.
Compensation may be available through a claim against the manufactures of PoliGrip and Fixodent as a result of their failure to warn consumers concerning the dangers of zinc toxicity and resulting neurologic injury.  Contact 1-888-644-3578 for more information on making a claim.

Improper fitting dentures are the reason people use denture adhesives.    Conventional dentures made today are very similar to the dentures George Washington wore.   The materials used are different, but the design has not changed much.   The outdated methods of making a conventional denture are the reason for uncomfortable and poor fitting dentures.

Customized dentures made correctly do not require the use of a denture adhesive.    One of the best denture system’s available today is called Geneva 2000.   This is the only denture that offers male and female teeth.  These teeth are hand crafted in Switzerland under strict safety guidelines using fourteen layers of porcelain for a stunning life like appearance.  The appearance can be like the teeth you once had or create a whole new look.    The denture itself is made in America at a Geneva 2000 certified laboratory. (Most dentures are made in China at unregulated labs)  Hershberger Dental Lab in Glendale AZ is a certified Geneva 2000 laboratory.   The teeth and biting plain are set differently than natural teeth or conventional dentures.   This prevents the rocking and lifting that happens with most dentures.  Cutting bars are added to the back teeth of the denture to allow the wearer to chew and grind foods like meat, fruits and vegetables.

Mini implants offer additional stabilization of upper or lower dentures.  Mini implants used with dentures cost far less than traditional implants used in restoring natural teeth.   IMECK, (a 3M Company) designs mini implants for Geneva 2000 dentures.    The company advises patients to seek care with an IMTEK mini implant certified dentist.   Mini implants placed by uncertified doctors are more prone to failures.  IMTEK and Geneva 2000 have intergraded their designs to insure you the most comfortable and secure fit.   A secure fit allows denture wearers to eat healthy foods, improving their overall health. Socrates said “Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food”.   Eat anywhere, with anyone, most anything!

Secure fitting dentures allows patients confidence is social settings.  No more dentures falling out when they sneeze, cough, sing or laugh.

“I’m so thankful for how much mini implants have improved the quality of my life.  Everyone should consider doing this if they wear dentures.  It’s so simple.”  Nadine L.

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Delores Myers April 14, 2010 at 6:14 pm

I have been using that denture cream for many a year. I am suffering from lots of dizziness.
I sure would like to have dentures that fit properly. Never had ones that truly fit. I am constantly taking them in and out for years–they drive me nutso. If it wouldn’t be so expensive to get minis I would get then in a New York minute.
Mt children are concerned that I have such problems with my uppers. I do have some permanent lowers left. One side I had a adenodenoma taken out years ago which ate the whole jawbone away. It grew back in somewhat making it ok . I had partial made and paid a big expense only to never uise them.. They make me choke and gag.
Nevertheless, I am in misery always..

aspenden April 14, 2010 at 8:36 pm

Thank you for contacting us, you do have some serious concerns.

Your dizziness could be caused from long term use of denture adhesive if it contains zinc. Denture adhesives were developed for short term use only.

I recommend you see a physician to have a zinc toxicity test.

Mini implants allow you to snap the partial or denture in place for a secure, comfortable fit. A Geneva 2000 upper full denture can be designed in a horseshoe shape, without a palette (or middle portion) to eliminate gagging.

The entire treatment can be done in a few visits over a short period of time at half the cost of traditional implants or other denture systems.

Dr Mark Castle
Aspen Denture and Wellness Center

P.S. I strongly recommend you have a comprehensive head and neck oral cancer exam done every 6mos. This exam is important for everyone, and especially for you with your history of cancer of the jaw.

marilyn gall November 15, 2010 at 5:26 pm

what is a estimated cost of upper and lower. I do not have trouble with top plate but have trouble with lower plate. Are ther any of these clinics in oklahoma?

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